Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Cat Olive

My fluffy feather light feline friend
Whose tail is pointed at the end
You love to sit and warm my knee
Your tummy rumbling so with glee
Your face is peaceful, whiskers still
Your paws tucked in against the chill
You sleep so soundly through the noise
As children play and bang their toys
You always see me sitting their
As soon as my weight hits the chair
You grab your chance, you run you hop
Up you fly and down you plop.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


There’s a crumbling old stone castle
On a hilltop up the way
Where the grass grows long
In windswept tufts
Of gold and green and grey

Sometimes when we pass by there
I hear that wind rush by
It howls through the broken turrets
Lifting dust into the sky

I try to cast my mind back
To how it must have been
Sleeping in that proud behemoth
Underneath a great oak beam

We’d build a roaring fire
In the hearth to warm our feet
Wear gowns and robes and blankets
We’d drink tea to feel the heat

Perhaps a woolen bed cap
Might help me to drift away
Keeping me so snug until 
My dreams were underway.

I dearly love the imposing view
Of that castle on the hill
It seems to have always been there
And I hope it always will